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Job Details

Project logistics operationJob Requirements:

Unlimited Bachelor's degree or above Some
Job Requirements:


Job description:

1、compile the logistics planning for international engineering project ;

2、make survey of road and bridge abroad, to ensure that the project is timely, safe transport of goods;

3、Investigation and risk analysis of heavylift equipment, transportation, ensure the security of the scheme;

4、selection of suppliers, shipping companies and foreign agents, business negotiation, reach a contract;

5、assist to make delivery plan, specifically involved with the project goods from factories to the foreign site throughout the logistics operation;

6、coordinated treatment of emergent conditions during the transportation;

7、to participate in the marketing and construction of logistics service network and other work

Apply for personnel requirements:

1、healthy, cheerful;
2、good ability of communication, organization, coordination, and planning , has the sense of responsibility;
3、a quick mind, strain capacity is good, has the strong compression capability;
4、to adapt to the domestic and foreign business trips;
5、 English level 6 or above level, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;
6、 master second foreign language is preferred;

Post Resume:

Contact person: Hou Jing mail:cmeccomtrans@mail.cmec.com Mail title please specify the university with graduated from "nameand position".