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CMEC COMTRANS Accepts Carriage for Cote d'Ivoire National Grid Project and Its Construction Sites are almost throughout Entire Territory

Cote d'Ivoire National Grid Project accepted by our company for carriage is originated from Ministry of Energy of Cote d'Ivoire National Grid 2012 --2015 Development and Reconstruction Plan. The project includes 662 Km 225KV transmission line, 1295Km 90KV transmission line, 13 newly built substations and 14 expanded substations. Construction sites of the project are divided into 4 segments throughout the entire territory and constructed at the same time.
Since the shipment volume is huge and shipment periods are intensive, it needs sufficient transport capacity to complete the short transition work of marine transport and inland transportation. Currently, our company is taking early-stage preparation affairs as well as assisting the customer to do preparation work for entry. Additionally,N we are promoting exemption decree handling progress of the owner and other affairs. Early-stage preparation materials and equipments shipments of the project are predicted to be completed in the first half year of 2016.